Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thinking in Colors

As the temperature in New York breaches the triple digits again I can't but see the world in yellows; hot and sticky, as if the Sun decided to sit down on the sidewalk and rest his legs.

It made me realize how much we see the world defined by color palettes. Winter is blues and whites. Spring is greens and browns and blues. Fall is browns and oranges and reds.

Think of your favorite films and how they use colors and color palettes to define scenes and locations; to indicate emotions. The Wachowskis used greens and blues to define the difference between the Matrix and reality. The characters in Unbreakable were defined by green and purple.

When writing Green Lama: Unbound I kept in mind one specific color to help keep the tone of the novel in place, and despite all evidence to the contrary, it wasn't green (or jade for that matter).

It was black.

One of the main themes of the books in the idea of the encroaching darkness. The Second World War in on the horizon, Cthluhu is rising, the world is becoming a darker place. The shadows are deeper, thicker, like ink on a page, spreading over the characters and threatening swallow them whole.

It's partially why I am so in love with Mike Fyles work on the book and promotional images -- without me ever saying so, he created a litany of images filled with dark shadows covering the characters, their visages just peaking through the darkness like light at the end of the tunnel.


Also be sure to check Pete Miller's blog Doc Savage Tales for an upcoming interview with your  truly (though I will admit this whole thing is a little surreal).

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